Marsa Stichting (Marsa Foundation) aims to support and promote freedom of creativity and expression by financially and organizationally supporting the cultural, artistic, film and media activities and spaces in countries and/or areas where such support is lacking.

How We Work


We work on long term partnerships with initiatives and organizations to provide financial, fiscal, adminstrative, and organizational support; to create a solid foundation and a platform for arts, culture, and film programs working to achieve our objectives.
We encourage the creation of partnerships and joint programs that cross over thematic, practical or geographical restrictions; fostering innovation and diversity in creative arts.

We currently are partnering with:

Comra Academy

Comra Academy is a film foundation and community center in Yemen dedicated to providing film training, workshops, grants and mentorship programs to aspiring filmmakers with an interest in audio-visual storytelling. At Comra, filmmakers are able to develop their ideas, share their skills and experiences and ultimately collaborate on projects with the support of professional mentors and producers. Comra Academy aims to provide filmmakers in Yemen with the necessary support, networks and tools to tell their stories to the world through creative films.

Upcoming Partners

In 2022 and 2023 We are planning to partner on projects with


Barzakh is a Beirut-based bookshop, performance and community space, cinema club, among other different activities. Barzakh in arabic is the crossing of two worlds over each other: life and death, seawater and stillwater, and in our case identities, online and offline.

Seen Films

Seen Films is a Cairo-based film house that produces and supports film and media works seeking to live beyond the traditional boundaries of the screen. Seen Films also organizes several film industry and development activities, offers creative and production services; utilizing its storytelling expertise to break through mainstream formats reaching wider interaction with society.


Marsa Foundation is a non-profit organization working to realize the following goals:


Support cultural and artistic spaces and initiatives that work for freedom of creativity and expression.


Build the capacity of up-and-coming artists, cultural practitioners, filmmakers and producers.


Elevate the quality of independent art, culture and film.


Promote innovative and original creative talent.

Initiating Opportunities

Increase international awareness and viewership of marginalized art and culture.


Promote diverse and unique personal, cultural, political and geographical perspectives.

Invest in the Future

Build a creatively, ambitious and diverse future for art, culture and film.


Advance the education of the public in the subject of art, culture, and film, in particular by promoting public understanding and appreciation of art and culture and its capacity to raise awareness of social, historical and other issues.


Advance charitable purposes for the public benefit by identifying, harnessing and developing the capacity of art and culture to improve the lives of people and communities affected by conflict or other social or economic disadvantage.


We are currently working on the following programs:

Yemeni Film Days Online Film Festival for Yemeni independent filmmakers. Comra Academy
Comra Academy A mentorship program for Yemeni first time filmmakers working on short documentary and fiction films. Comra Academy
Seen Studio A mentorship program for feature documentary and fiction films from Egypt. Seen Films
Talks and Music A program of poetry, recitals, lectures and concerts to provide hope and inspiration and counter the closures of Beirut. Barzakh
Terrso A web magazine devoted to the knowledge development of Arabic content around film and the moving image Barzakh


  • Dirk Wanrooij - Chairman
    Dutch writer and educator, author of the book "Oproer" which according to the Brusseprijs, was one of the best fifteen journalistic books of 2015.
  • Sara Ishaq - Executive Director
    Independent director, researcher, and producer. Her films were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject), premiered at IDFA and supported by the Nederlands Filmfonds, Hubert Bals Fund (Rotterdam Film Festival).
  • Mostafa Youssef - Executive Director
    Director and producer who produced three films that were collectively screened in over 20 international festivals. His short fiction was officially selected for the International Film Festival of Rotterdam.
  • Mansour Aziz - Executive Director
    Writer, researcher, designer, and techie. He’s been involved with many alternative media projects which include Indymedia, Working Films, Freespeech TV, Al Akhbar, and Bidayat magazine.
  • Fatma Abed
    Marketing, PR, Communications, and Media Consultant. Worked with a number of leading advertising agencies, and founded and led marketing departments for multinational retail companies and international brands, as well as cultural organizations.

The board members of Marsa Foundation provide their services to the Council on a voluntary basis. They do not receive any compensation for their work as a board member. They are entitled to a refund of the costs incurred in the performance of their duties and at the minimum possible attendance fee, including travel and administration costs. Executive Board Members may be paid either for their day-to-day work of leading the organization, or for their roles in the implementation of specific projects and programs.
Marsa Foundation's accounts and assets are supervised by two of three Executive Directors at all times, financial accounts of the organization are reviewed and signed yearly by the Board.